And The Artwork You Chose Is…

Being a small indie R&B artist following my calling, to have so many people interested in helping me get there is mind boggling! Recently I posted a poll on Facebook on which album artwork I should choose to use for my single ‘Fix.’ Here’s the original post (click on the image to see it larger):

What Is R&B Music?

So, I’m finished recording 5 songs (so excited!!) and I’m in the process of mixing them. I’ve listened to them a thousand times or more, and while I always find something I want to do over (the perfectionist in me) I’m left with another problem. I never really thought about this until now. See, the music

And So It Begins

What a decision. After 10+ years of running away from my purpose I’ve finally decided to focus on music. Although I wrestled with my dream and even sang with two bands over the last decade, I still felt some sort of blockade when it came to doing music alone. I finally have the confidence. I posted